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Is it Better to Have a One or Two Page Resume?

As you know by now, the average resume should be no longer than 2-3 pages. That said, many experts recommend creating one page resumes nowadays. This is because most HR managers have limited time and will make the decision on whether they want to interview you very quickly.

With a one-page target, you will have to squeeze in as much information as possible. You do not want to remove anything essential. You can reduce the size of the font some, but the real key is being concise.

Of course, people with long careers cannot fit everything onto one page. However, the same logic applies. You need to get the right details written in the shortest amount of space possible. Keep everything succinct, interesting and, most importantly, clear.

If you are a recent college graduate, then a one-page resume should be a good length for you. You likely do not have much career experience, so there is no reason to highlight this. Just show off what you have done some far. Employers are not expecting for you to have long lists of accomplishments. Just focus on the skills that you have been developing.

One last tip, if you have to go over one page, then make it a solid two. A 1.5-page resume simply looks unplanned so either one succinct page or two well-executed ones.

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